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anently s■hut down its U.S. o●perations sell■ing telecommunicat■ion equipment,● despite t○he fact tha●t it still has pla●ns to launch its ○latest MediaP○ad An


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droid tablet ■and Mateboo●k X Pro Windows ●laptop in ●the U.S.Suc〓h opinion ◆is also shared by ○The New York Times○, which in it■s April commentary■ projected H○uawei’s pos●sible retr◆eat from the U.●S. market, as the ■former’◆s unremittin○g attempts to○ thwart U.S.■ roadblocks tur〓ned out to ○be fruitless.I■n response ●to the spec●ulations, Huawei tol■d Jiemian.com on S●unday that “H●u

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company&rs○quo;s gloomy a◆nd arduous developme●nt in U.S. Thou◆gh Hua

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net profit● in 2017 grew by○ 28 percent to $7.55● billion, the growt●h was mainly ■driven by ■its Chinese market, ●as well as m○arkets in Asia-Paci●fic, the Middle ●East and Euro●pe. The re

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phasized th〓at the obstacles ■Huawei faces in U.S◆. market has pro■mpted the company to■ “work● harder in other mar〓kets.”Me〓anwhile, Trump ●Administrat○ion’s◆ espionage a

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s al○so added insul○t to Huawe●i’s inju■ry. According to ◆the United States-C●hina Economic and● Security Review〓 Commission in Ap●ril, Huawei, alon〓g with its compe○titor ZTE Corp, w

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● development strat○egy.According○ to an analys●is released by Fo○rbes in April, Huawe○i is believe●d to perm
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